Quanzhou Development Zone reports to promote advanced basic-level party organizations and individual

In order to inspire advancement and encourage fighting spirit, the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Quanzhou Development Zone issued the "Decision on Publicizing Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations and Advanced Individuals Who Have Outstanding Performance in the Battle of Epidemic Prevention and Control". 7 advanced grassroots party organizations and 22 advanced individuals who have made hard work and outstanding contributions on the front line have been praised.

Since the start of the battle to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, party organizations at all levels in the region and the majority of party members and cadres have conscientiously implemented the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping. According to the arrangements of the provincial, municipal, and party working committees, the epidemic is Order, prevention and control is the political consciousness of responsibility", take epidemic prevention and control as the most important task at present, dare to take responsibility, face difficulties, unite and work hard, and do all the prevention and control work for epidemic prevention and control. The region's epidemic prevention and control work has made important contributions.

Party organizations at all levels in the district and the majority of party members and cadres must take the praised advanced models as examples, not forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission, thoroughly implement the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Jinping, and consciously establish the "four consciousnesses" and firmness. "Four self-confidence", resolutely achieve "two maintenance", with a high sense of political responsibility, a good mental state and a pragmatic work style, actively participate in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and be responsible for keeping the land and taking responsibility. Responsible, promote the implementation of joint prevention, joint control, and group prevention and control measures, comprehensively build a strict defense line for epidemic prevention and control, successfully complete various tasks, and resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

List of advanced basic-level party organizations and advanced individuals

Advanced grassroots party organization


outstanding person


(Source: Party Member Micro-platform of Quanzhou Development Zone)