Media attention: Yida helps QuanZhou's economy rising against the trend

Recently,major cities across the country have successively announced their economic dataSin the first half of this year. The top 20 GDP cities are ranked as below,


Quanzhou's GDP surged by66.029 billion yuan in the first half of this year. Although the growth ratewas negative, its ranking still rose by 6 places compared with the same periodlast year, ranking 17th,which also took thelead in realizing the recovery of foreign trade of coastal cities.

Currently, Quanzhou, as alarge private economic city, still keeps high spirits and powerful development. QuanzhouEvening News, an authoritative mainstream media in Quanzhou City, has made aspecial report on outstanding enterprises progressing against thetrend. Below are excerpts from the [Current Affairs·Focus] section on August 7.


Yida's new energy driverlaboratory is undergoing performance testing.

Yida is an experiencedsupplier in the automotive electrical industry, focusing on R & D,production, sales and service of automotive flat wire motor products. Itsproducts mainly support the domestic market. Although affected by the epidemicsituation before, fortunately, Yida's major customers, such as Yuchai andXichai, have successfully returned to work and production. With highlylocalized employees and sufficient spare parts reserving, Yida has become oneof the first batch of enterprises, resuming production in the Development Zone,and shortly,its production efficiency has recovered to over 90%.

"Thanks to theadvancement of new infrastructure projects, the sales of dump trucks andtractors and other commercial vehicles in the domestic market have increasedthis year. As a supplier of automotive engines, our sales have also increased inthe first seven months, the output value has increased by 33%." ViceGeneral Manager Chen Qiujing told reporters anotherdetail, "in February this year, Yuchai also sent people to our company to supervisethe production and ensure that the products can be obtained at the first time.In order to get the accessories as soon as possible, we also went to the sub-suppliersto supervise their production with Yuchai."

With the help of new infrastructure, Yida is alsocultivating new growth points.

This year, the company continued to increase investmentin research and development of new energy vehicle drive motors, bringing andtraining professional R & D talents, and building two general assemblylines with an annual output of 150-200 thousand units. It has been connectedwith a number of main engine plants and started small batch supply."Withthe gradual expansion of the new energy vehicle market, new products will bringgreater growth space for our company.