Founded in 1994 and located in Quanzhou where the ancient Maritime Silk Road started, Yida is a “national high-tech enterprise” engaging in R&D, production, sales and service of auto parts. With two brands named “Jindi” and “KPL”, Yida mainly produces drive motors, starters, alternators and air horn driven by new energy as well as their accessories. After 20 years of prudent operation and continuous innovation, Yida has become an expert of motor manufacturing in China and established supporting cooperation with a plurality of dominant automotive OEMs nationwide.
Owning a team with sophisticated techniques, Yida has paid close attention to product quality and productsproving on the premise of enhancing its capabilities of R& D and innovation through setting up the Yida Experimental Center that wascertified by the CNAS National Accreditation Committeein 2016. Yida Experimental Center is equipped with complete and reliablecapabilities for testing performances, environment and durability of automotive motors, which is a strong guarantee of product reliability andquality.
Yida has been highly recognized and praised in the industry and awarded “Quality Excellence Award”, “Excellent Supplier” and “Core Supplier” issued by several OEM organizations owing to its inventive product research and development. Moreover, Yida that is certified by the IATF16949 quality management system has been rated as a "national high-tech enterprise" successively.
By holding a position in quality firmly and being down-to-earth, Yida is committed to developing productsthat can better meet users’needs in the new eraand promote the innovative development of the automotive industry.
Enterprise Advantages

Independent Research
CNAS Laboratory
Device Manufacturing
Refined Production
Independent Research and Development Capability
●Yida owns a high-tech research and development team, and cooperates with a strong Ph.D. research and development team supported by the Haixi Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, forming a complete motor independent research and development system.
● Simultaneous research and development have been conducted together with theOEM, so as to provide customers with the latest products in the industry without delay.
CNAS Laboratory Certification
● It’s certified by CNAS.
● It’s equipped with complete and reliablecapabilities for testing the performance, environment and durability of the automotive motor.
● It hasmore than 50instruments and devices.
Independent Device Manufacturing
● A professional device manufacturing team that is rare in the industry has been developed. The automation of the self-developed motor assembly production linecoming into use reaches the advanced level of the industry.
● MES production management system: It can achieve refined management, improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, andguaranteepromptness and accuracy.
● Robot standardization operation: High-precision and high-efficiency robot arms can greatly reduce the product defect rate.
●WMS warehouse management system: Mold details are recorded to track product quality; the 3D warehouse management helps to ensure efficient and accurate shipment.
Intelligent and Refined Production